Honeychurch Lane

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Sarah is the Proprietor of Honeychurch Lane, located in the beautiful village of Elora, Ontario. New to the business community in Elora, Sarah is no stranger to the village. Growing up just a few kilometres south of her shop, Sarah has always dreamed of opening her own boutique, having always appreciated the cultural and artistic depth of the community; its beauty and rhythm along the banks of the Grand River.

Sarah has a natural understanding and appreciation of art, fashion and design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, Sarah spent the past thirteen years working in the film industry. She learned the ropes of film production by working with a film director and a film composer. Soon her career took off in the demanding world of visual effects production. Her impressive credit list of work on over 35 feature films is an attestation to her devotion to the arts.

Despite her success, Sarah’s dream of opening her own business remained omnipresent. And for her, pursuing her lifelong passion was only a matter of time; it was just over 3 years ago that Sarah’s “now” trumped “never”. As Sarah transitioned between careers, she worked at a local gallery and spent her spare time roaming near and far, searching for furniture to refinish and for chandeliers that sparkled.

Honeychurch Lane has been open to the public since October 13, 2014.  Come and visit us!  You will surely be impressed with the selection of eco-friendly, Canadian-Made paints, eclectic, one-of-a-kind furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, jewelry and other housewares.